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POLYX is the native utility token for Polymesh. POLYX serves three primary purposes:

  • Payment of onchain transaction fees
  • Network governance, allowing network participants to vote on-chain upgrades and other exceptional events.
  • Staking, securing the network by aligning the economic incentives of node operators and stakers to the correct operation of the chain.

For more information on the POLYX token see

Testnet POLYX

If you are completing the exercises contained in the various sections of this site you will require Testnet POLYX.


Getting testnet POLYX couldn't be simpler. If you have already set up your wallet and completed the testnet mock certified due diligence process, you will automatically have been credited with Testnet POLYX.

The Testnet is where you can practice using Polymesh without material consequences. As the name suggests, it is a fully functional Polymesh network. The main differences are:

  • The funds and securities on the Testnet aren't real and have no material value;
  • You can acquire testnet POLYX at no cost;
  • The testnet is not guaranteed to remain in operation and may be retired and replaced with an alternate testnet in the future.

Mainnet POLYX

Before you can receive POLYX tokens you must first; create a Polymesh account, and second; Onboard your account through the CDD process. Once those steps are complete your account is ready to receive POLYX tokens.

The simplest way to get POLYX tokens is to purchase them from an exchange, that lists the POLYX token for trading, and withdraw the tokens to your Polymesh wallet. Refer to CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap for lists of exchanges that list the POLYX token.