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Welcome to the Polymesh Documentation Site!

The Polymesh Documentation site is the perfect place to start discovering the Polymesh universe.

Polymesh is an institutional-grade permissioned blockchain built specifically for regulated assets. It streamlines antiquated processes and opens the door to new financial instruments by solving regulatory challenges with public infrastructure around identity, compliance, confidentiality, and governance through key design principles built into the base layer of the chain, rather than as external add-ons.

When it comes to creating and managing digital securities, Polymesh's specificity gives it (and the applications built on it) a distinct advantage over those leveraging general-purpose blockchains. The purpose-built infrastructure addresses the gaps in Ethereum's architecture to align the functioning of the blockchain with the requirements of modern capital markets.

Start with the Introduction to understand Polymesh's unique solution for regulated securities. Install everything you need to get started and dive into specialised user journeys.

Each user journey unfolds in increasing levels of detail:

  • An overview that reveals the big picture.
  • An introductory exercise so you can see it in action and try it yourself.
  • A developer exercise that reveals the depth and breadth of what you build and how you can integrate it into your existing business processes and systems.
  • Links to detailed reference documentation so you can decide how deep you want to go.

The menu on the left organises the content and the exercises in the suggested chronological order for those who wish to thoroughly explore everything this site has to offer and complete all of the suggested exercises.


Discover how Polymesh addresses compliance, identity, and governance. Learn the important components and the structure of the network.

This fast-paced and well-rounded introduction begins with why regulated securities needed a specialised solution and proceeds through the cornerstones of the design.

Why Polymesh?

User Journeys

Polymesh is a multi-sided network with solutions for all participants in the regulated securities industry. This documentation site is organised so you can dive deep into the sections that are most relevant to you. If you encounter an unfamiliar concept, be sure to return to the introduction where the big concepts and terminology are demystified.

Security tokens on Polymesh

This network was made for you. Discover how organisations originate assets, distribute them, and execute corporate actions.

Service provider integration

Service providers perform important services that business users rely on. Explore all the different ways Polymesh allows for service provider integration, and discover a settlement process with exchanges and custodians on Polymesh, as well as compliance possibilities with the help of KYC and CDD service providers.

API Reference

Here is a collection of the Polymesh SDK tools, including libraries, code samples, tutorials and the source reference documentation.