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Polymesh Community Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is created to ensure that all members of the Polymesh community are able to participate in a respectful and collaborative environment supportive of the Polymesh project. As a result, we have set boundaries for what is considered unacceptable behaviour by members in the Polymesh community.

Members of the Polymesh community come from all parts of the globe. We value each community member and the feedback each community member provides.

This Code of Conduct defines what is an unacceptable behaviour while you're participating in the communities, so that everybody has a positive experience.

In broad terms, you're supposed to:

  • Be kind to others
  • Not Spam
  • Help the communities be a welcoming place

This Code of Conduct may be revised at any time. We are always willing to revise this document based on feedback from the Polymesh beta testing community.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Any behaviour that is disrespectful to members of the Polymesh community or creates an environment where members cannot collaborate and exchange ideas is not permitted. We cannot list all examples of such unacceptable behaviours as it would be many pages long and still incomplete. However, we have listed a few examples of such unacceptable behaviours below as a guidance.

Examples of unacceptable behaviours:

  • Angry aggressive comments towards individuals or other community members;
  • Comments regarding political views, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender;
  • Harassing other individuals or projects (trolling);
  • Distributing false information about The Polymesh Association or a Polymesh Blockchain; and
  • Making disparaging public remarks about The Polymesh Assocaition or a Polymesh Blockchain.

Please note: these are just a few examples and you can always consult a team member if you have any questions.

What To Do If You Witness or Are Subject To Unacceptable Behavior

If you are the target of any unacceptable behaviour, notice that someone else is being subjected to unacceptable behaviour or see someone else engaging in unacceptable behaviour, or have any other concerns, please bring it to our attention by email at [email protected].