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Get the Wallet

Connect to Polymesh with your browser

Get the Wallet

The Polymesh Wallet is a Google Chrome extension that holds local copies of account information and confidential signing keys. It enables your browser to interact with the Polymesh network.

Get the Polymesh Wallet extension for Google Chrome by opening Chrome's extensions panel and searching for Polymesh. You should see the card when it is installed. Be sure it is enabled.

Wallet Extension

Locate the Polymesh icon in the plugins tray. It may be under the plug-in icon if it is not pinned. Click it to launch the "welcome screen".

Wallet Welcome

Accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, then click Create new account.

You will be presented with a 12-word mnemonic. This is a recovery phrase that can be used to regenerate the private signing key stored in the wallet. You should copy this, and store it in a safe and confidential location.


On the next screen, you have to enter the words in the correct order to confirm that you do indeed have access to original list.

confirm recovery phrase

Check the box to confirm you have a copy of the recovery phrase, press Continue, and select the words in the right order.

Give your account a name and set a password. The password helps prevent others from using your account and encrypts your keys in the local storage.

create account

Your new account is created with one unassigned key.

Wallet New Account

Notice, at the top of the window, that it informs you which network it is connected to by default. Here, the Testnet.

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