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Up and Running in 10 Minutes

Connect to Polymesh

To get you started, let’s explain what is required: From the Polymesh Wallet to getting your first POLYX, we will go through a step-by-step to be ready to work with Polymesh.

To have an overall starting point for all of the following, we will help you get:

  • The Polymesh Wallet through the Google Chrome extension,
  • Verified as a user, i.e. complete your identity verification to let you transact with the network, and
  • Your first POLYX, so that you can begin paying transaction fees and participate in governance.

Get the Wallet

The fastest way to begin using Polymesh is to create an account with the Polymesh Wallet Chrome Extension.

This will enable your browser to interact with the Polymesh blockchain. We will help you set up the Wallet extension and will guide you through setting up your new account with one unassigned key.

Get the Wallet

Get Verified

Once you have a Polymesh Wallet, let’s get you verified. Every Polymesh user has to pass a minimal identity verification check as part of the network’s customer due diligence (CDD) requirement.

Completing the CDD process lets you transact in materially-important ways. Getting verified will allow you to dive deep in the example scenarios provided throughout all chapters.

Get Verified


POLYX is the native token for paying transaction fees and voting on governance proposals. You can get Testnet POLYX at no cost so you can experiment with the Testnet. On Mainnet you can optionally convert ERC-20 POLY tokens from Ethereum to POLYX tokens on Polymesh via a bridge, or purchase from an exchange that lists it.

Do you want to get your hands on your first POLYX? No problem! Just follow the steps and in a short amount of time, we will have you spending your first POLYX.

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